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Malabar has what you need to succeed in the world of costumes and disguise. Whether you are going all out or need to slap something together in a hurry, they got you covered.

The costumes and party supplies section is well stocked. You can get hats, wigs, fake moustaches, and tonnes of accessories like swords or guns or wands. You can pick up a ready-to-go costume or piece something together pretty easily. The rentals department however, is where Malabar truly shines. The costumes are sorted by style, decade and theme, and I'd be shocked if you couldn't find what you needed here. Want to dress like a 17th century dandy? No problem? Need a costume for an astronaut? Sure. Want to dress like a carrot? They can do that. They have a very impressive catalogue of costumes; it's no wonder that film and theatre productions often rent from them.

— User review,, November 2011

Customer Appreciation

Hello Malabar,

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Doug at your McCaul location for his stellar job in helping me pull together the looks for the Xbox job done this year. As always, Doug was right on the ball with all the enthusiasm he could muster for the occassion. In fact, it was so wonderful working with Doug that it did not seem like work at all. He is a super guy with a great sense of humour and an unparalleled knowledge for pulling together costumes in your collection.

Over the years I have had the same experience with Doug on other jobs. I can only say you are lucky to have him in your team. I look forward to working with Doug in the future on other projects.

In good health,
Barbara Queen, Blqstyling Toronto
(in reference to this ad for Fable II)

My son and I were in your Toronto store yesterday and a young woman named Hollis was helping us. We were certainly impressed with Hollis's service, and highly appreciated her recommendation to solve our situation. We were also very impressed with your store. When next I bring the whole family in to Toronto, I plan to bring them all in to shop at Malabar.

— Matthew from Hamilton, by email