Our Construction and rental house in Toronto combines the benefits of a growing stock of quality opera/musical productions with a flexible and experienced staff.

Malabar's master tailors ensure the integrity of each garment whether rented from our stock of over 30,000 costumes or built specially for your production. Leading international designers know they can rely on Malabar to execute the most demanding projects on time and to their specifications.

New Productions

Marilla Padilla (click to view costume photos)

Many of the operas of the past are rarely if ever performed after their creation but when renowned designer Howard Kaplan told us he was designing Maria Padilla for Opera Boston we gladly offered to assist him in putting the new production together. To create costumes for such a rarity, which may or may not rejoin the repertoire, meant taking into consideration the practicality of these additions to our opera department stock. Discussions with the designer helped immeasurably in this. As Howard and I went over his sketches, I was seeing how these clothes could be useful in a variety of plays in the period, or as complements to several opera productions of the period in our stock. In the end the new costumes Howard designed would fulfill the concept of the director and her production team, and become welcome additions to Malabar's 16th century collection. It was a pleasure to work with Howard Kaplan on Maria Padilla and we appreciate the opportunity to showcase our costumes at The Opera America Conference.